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Sources, Tools, Methods for a Global History of Art and images.

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Espace de Création numérique du Jeu de Paume

What is a visual blockbuster? Are the images that made globalization stronger and more viral? What role do they play in the surprising cultural, social, economical and political process of globalization?


Artl@s Bulletin

Volume 11, Issue 1 (2022)
Partisan Genealogies: Radical Visual (and Policial) Practices

Ed. Paula Barreiro-Lopez


Styles Revisited
From Iconology to Digital Images Studies

Monthly Online Seminar.

Open Access Databases

Visual Contagions: Images in Globalization

Visual Contagions

Explore the global circulation of images in printed periodicals (19th-20th c.)


de l’Académie de France à Rome

A Biographic Repertory, 1666-1968

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