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Digital Sources, Tools, and Methods for a Global History of Art and Images.

Seminars, Publications, Exhibitions


CFP: Seeking Nuance:
Articulating Digital and Non-digital Approaches to Art History

Artl@s 2024-2025 Conversation Series in Digital Art History


Espace de Création numérique du Jeu de Paume

What is a visual blockbuster? Are the images that made globalization stronger and more viral? What role do they play in the surprising cultural, social, economical and political process of globalization?


Artl@s Bulletin

Volume 13 Issue 1 (2024)

African Art and Evidence

Ed. Susan Elizabeth Gagliardi and Constantine Petridis


Narrowing the Divide
A Dialogue between Art History and Digital Art History

2023-2024 Artl@s/Visual Contagions Lecture Series in Digital Art History

 Online Seminar.

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