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Artl@s oversees several research projects on artistic and cultural globalization, engaged in the decentering of sources and narratives. It also nourishes an in-depth reflection on digital methodologies and on the circulation of images until the digital age.

  • BASART produces and puts online a global database of exhibition catalogs from the 19th and 20th With its mapping and analytical tools, the database attempts to shift our sources and narratives, and to build bridges between artistic geographies.
  • GEOMAP is a digital spacio-temporal cartography of art exhibition spaces in Paris between 1815 and 1955.
  • The Directory of the Pensionnaires de l’Académie de France in Rome provides individual and collective biographies of the French Prix de Rome laureates from 1666 to 1968.
  • The IMAGO Center (European label Center of Excellence Jean Monnet) teaches and federates a research and creation project on the circulation of images in Europe and their role in the construction of shared identities.
  • Postdigital is a project reflecting on what digital technology does to contemporary cultures, in partnership with contemporary artists and actors of the digital world.

Structured around its seminar and its journal, Artl@s has also initiated training workshops in digital and transnational approaches. The group regularly organizes international meetings on global art history, social art history, and the digital humanities.

Launched in 2009 at the École normale supérieure de Paris (ENS) by Béatrice Joyeux-Prunel, Artl@s is open to all researchers interested in spatial, transnational and digital approaches to history of art and visual studies.

After being hosted by the Ecole normale supérieure, the project migrated to the Plateforme Huma-Num (

Since January 2021, Artl@s is part of a bigger project, VISUAL CONTAGIONS (, a projet fund by the Swiss National Fund for research and hosted by the Université de Genève in Switzerland.

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