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Artl@s brings to the scholarly community and the great public three databases:

  • A Global Database of Exhibition Catalogues, 19th-20th century: A collaborative (more than 30 contributors) and international project, directed by Béatrice Joyeux-Prunel, with the collaboration of Catherine Dossin (Purdue University) et Léa Saint-Raymond (université de Nanterre et Collège de France)
  • GeoMAP: A geography of the Parisian art market between 1815 and 1955 (being currently expanded to 2015), developped by Léa Saint-Raymond (université de Nanterre et Collège de France), Félicie de Maupeou (univ. de Rouen) and Julien Cavéro (labex TransferS).
  • A biographical database of the French Academy in Rome’s residents: A catalogue of 1,260 biographical entries, created by Annie and Gabriel Verger, in collaboration with Villa Medicis (for the reproductions of the artists’ works). The search interface of this database is under development.
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