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Organisation : Léa Saint-Raymond (ENS/PSL) and Béatrice Joyeux-Prunel (Université de Genève), with Catherine Dossin, Assoc. Pr., Purdue Univ., USA, and Torahiko Terada, Tokyo University (UTokyo)

Artl@s trains young researchers in the issues of world art history, from a transnational and circulatory perspective. Within the seminar, one can learn both quantitative or cartographic approaches, as well as the study of artistic circulations and the cultural transfers involved in these circulations. We also encourage participants to relate these “distant” approaches to a precise and scholarly interpretation of works and archives.

The year 2019-2020 will focus on the study of artistic circulations inside and outside Asia.

Artl@s provides free access to BasArt, a digital database of catalogues of living art fairs and exhibitions since the early 19th century, with a cartographic and statistical interface. The seminars are part of a more general activity of international conferences and publications, in particular via the journal Artl@s-Bulletin (multilingual peer-reviewed journal).

Location : Salle de l’Institut d’Histoire moderne et contemporaine, ENS, 45 rue d’Ulm. Escalier D, 3e étage.

Monday every two weeks from 10am to 12pm: 30 September 2019, 7 October, 21 October, 4 November, 18 November, 2 December, 16 December, 3 February 2020, 24 February, 2 March, 16 March, 30 March, 20 April, 4 May, 18 May, 1 June.

To subscribe to the mailing list, contact Léa Saint-Raymond and Béatrice Joyeux-Prunel.

Validation: 6 ECTS (3 per semester), on attendance and contribution to the group’s work.

The validation is personalized according to the student’s interests. The seminar welcomes both historians and art historians as well as sociologists, geographers, specialists in literature, cinema and theatre.

The seminar can be validated within the framework of the Masters courses “Transnational History” and “Digital Humanities” of PSL (ENC-ENS). Integrated into the models of the Master’s Masters in Transnational History Master ATP, it allows for DENS validations of the type “collective research experience”. 

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