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In partnership with the Artl@s project, AWARE introduces WAS (Women Artists Shows.Salons.Societies), a research project focusing on group exhibitions of women artists. Our ambition is to build a descriptive and analytical catalogue of these exhibitions from the end of the 19th to the end of the 20th century and to start reflecting on their specific history, through the study of the evolution of the social, cultural, and institutional conditions that permitted or made them necessary through the analysis of the various levels of mediation and organisation at work in these shows, or also through the examination of their symbolical functioning and critical response.

With the support of Purdue University, the Institut d’Histoire moderne et Contemporaine (IHMC), the Département d’Histoire et Théorie des Arts of the ENS, and the labex TransferS.

08.12.2017 — 09.12.2017 – Conference WAS – WOMEN ARTISTS SHOWS · SALONS · SOCIETIES : Group Exhibitions of Women Artists 1876-1976

Organization: Catherine Dossin ( ARTL@S), Camille Morineau, and Hanna Alkema (AWARE) in collaboration with JEU DE PAUME

14.16.2018 – Symposium : WAS – All-Women Exhibitions in the 1970s in Europe and North America.

Organization: Catherine Dossin ( ARTL@S) and Anna Halkema (AWARE) in collaboration with the Terra Foundation for American Art.



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